Edwards is a thriving community that is, through the leadership of the Edwards Metropolitan District, constantly striving to meet the needs of its population.

The community of Edwards has been looking at a 25-year planning horizon—up to the year 2040--and has been working with Eagle County and CDOT on the roads and bridges from I-70 to, and inclusive of, Highway 6. The Edwards interchange roundabouts were the first phase of a multiple phase project that will span the next 20 years; the landscaping and completion of those roundabouts has been met with positive feedback.

Currently, the Edwards Metropolitan District is seeking feedback on the need for highway improvements to the Edwards Spur Road (Edwards Village Boulevard between I-70 and Highway 6) and West Highway 6 between Squaw Creek Road and Edwards Spur Road.

Traffic studies have been conducted and these improvements are expected to be needed over the next 20 years, some immediately and others longer term. The exact construction solution (for example, a signalized intersection or a roundabout at Highway 6 and the Spur Road or whether Highway 6 in west Edwards should be three lanes or four lanes) has not yet been determined.

The basic proposal is to implement (with the approval of the voters in Edwards Metro District) a small sales tax (0.5% for operations, maintenance and replacements which continues indefinitely) and 0.45% for debt that won’t start until the debt is issued and will sunset when the debt is repaid. This sales tax will be used to fund Edwards’ contribution to these improvements with the remainder of the funding to be provided by Eagle County and CDOT. Edwards’ expected share is 10%, to be matched with 10% by Eagle County and the remaining 80% to be provided by CDOT. A property tax was considered but a sales tax is believed to more closely align the impacts creating the need for the improvements with the funding sources paying for the improvements.

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